Lisa Sharp

Me and my Family

My name is Lisa, but I respond to the name Sarah, Peter and even ‘oi.’ That’s the joy of being one of ten. Yes that’s right, I said ten! At times I feel like I am starring in ‘Cheaper by the dozen!’ Don’t get me wrong its great being in a big family, when we were all young we came up with the most crazy games like turning all the lights off, using coat hangers as guns and playing James Bond. Can you imagine that? Total mayhem. Or the classic one made by my brother, similar to hide and seek, but when you’ve hidden you sneeze to announce you’re hiding. We named it hachchoo! But seriously though, at times being heard and noticed was difficult, everybody wanted to be in the spotlight and have mum’s attention or at least get attention.
I now live in Leicester, but for the first five years of my life I lived in a small village near Melton. I practically lived on a farm because my parents owned a farm and most of my days were spent there. I loved being out in the open and having so many animals around. Life was good; I was five years old, one of eight at the time, with great surroundings … until my little life was all tipped upside down. To cut a long story short things got bad in the house, real bad. It ended in mum and dad divorcing, court cases and a whole new lifestyle. I went from living in the countryside with my parents and siblings to a council estate in Leicester with a hurting family. Anger, hurt, frustration, pain and the question “why?” was what I started to live with.

Me and my question

Since the day I was born I have been going to church. My mum has always taught me about being a Christian and what it’s all about. At the tender age of five I decided to say a prayer and ask God to live with me each day. Now I know you’re thinking ‘just five!’ but give me a chance, there’s more to my story. What I have noticed is that as a child you tend to just accept things and carry on with life, and that’s exactly what I did until I hit the age of about eleven and my understanding of what I had been through began to grow. The more I thought about it, the more I realised what had actually happened. I remember blaming God and asking the classic question “if there is a God then why did this happen?” I wouldn’t have been the first to ask this question and I am certainly not the last. Maybe you’ve asked yourself that same question at some time. I could never deny the fact that God existed because I knew there had to be more to life than just living and dying, yet I had a big question. I just couldn’t understand why God allowed my family to go through what we went through.

Me and my night to remember

I don’t know about you, but for me night time is always when I seem to think about things most. You know, when your tucked up in bed and it feels like you are the only person awake and you cannot seem to sleep because too much is on your mind? Well this night was one of those nights. I remember just thinking about everything, life, the past, the future … I realised I was carrying way too much hurt and anger for a girl my age – and as weird as it may sound to some I found myself crying out to God, telling Him how angry I was with Him for hurting me and my family. I cannot explain exactly what happened that night but in the end I decided to ask God into my life to help me-and even though I knew I didn’t have my earthly father with me, somehow I knew I would always have a heavenly father to turn to. One thing I have learnt through it all is stuff does happen to all of us and life can be a struggle. But I’ve also learnt it’s very comfortable to have a heavenly father to turn to.

Me and my friend

Now, I am not saying that from that night life became a bed full of daises because it didn’t, but it was easier knowing God was right there beside me. I am not saying I suddenly became perfect because I am far from it. I just now know what I believe and what I believe is the truth. That night I asked Jesus into my life and He came in to help me. I can honestly say Jesus has never let me down and has been a friend that has ‘stuck closer than a brother.’ I also know this, although I don’t know what you might be going through at this precise moment, if you were to put your trust in Him and place your life in His hands He won’t let you down either. So there you have it, my long story made short (and people who know me well will know me writing my story in short is a miracle in itself, because i can ‘talk for England’ and so much has happened).

Me and my belief

Before I finish let me tell you a little bit about what I believe. Well I believe what the Bible says when it tells us we are all sinners. What I mean by that is we have all missed the mark where God is concerned. I certainly have. I have done many things that I am not particularly proud of, things that have made people sit back and say ‘and she calls herself a Christian’ and in doing so I have failed God. But I also know that Jesus Christ was sent to die on a cross to forgive us of our sins and make us right with God again. In all truth it’s this one fact that keeps me going. Of course, some people think that they cannot approach God or have a relationship with Him because they have got sin in their lives. They think God wouldn’t want anything to do with them. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. The fear of being judged and not feeling good enough always puts a hold on people and their walk with God. But Jesus says ‘come as you are.’ The truth is you can’t come to him any other way. So my challenge to you is why not go to him just as you are and let him do the rest!

What do you think your next move should be?

I suppose there are three options:

  1. Throw this away! And say ‘this is a load of rubbish.’ (If this is what you want to do that’s okay – but think about it carefully before you do. May I thank you for taking the time to read my story).
  2. You could be saying ‘Hey there could be something in this, but I’m not at the point where I want to accept Christ into my life like you have Lisa. But I do have some questions and I would like to explore it further.’ (If this is the case, please do not hesitate to contact me. My details are on the contact page).
  3. Or, you may be saying, ‘I am ready to ask Jesus unto my life! I do want a fresh start.’ (If this is what you want to do say the following prayer to God in your own heart, but make sure you mean it).

So here’s the prayer …

… Lord Jesus Christ, here I am, I can come no other way, so take me as I am. Thank you for loving me even though I haven’t loved you. You know the things I have done which are not great and have not been pleasing in your eyes. I ask that you forgive me for all the selfish and sinful things that I have done of which some are still in my life. Thank you for forgiving me and coming into my life. Help me now as I start over again, but this time with you at the centre. No longer am I going to go my own way. Today I am deciding to follow you by asking you to be my Saviour and Lord. Lord Jesus, send your Holy Spirit, to help me to know without a doubt that you have come into my life. Amen.

If you have said this prayer and meant it I would like to say you have just made one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life time! Well done!

Now I would like you to contact The BAM Project (use the form below) if you have prayed this prayer. They would like to send you a booklet that will help you develop your new relationship with Christ Jesus – free of charge.

That’s my story and I hope you have found it interesting. I would really like to say a big thank you for taking the time to read it.

God bless,
Lisa Sharp

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